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art trade with jay-mb hihihi hope you like it <3 included ver without blur and also the lineart because theyre kinda Hella

we should do this again sometime i liked drawing ur nerd husbando

Title: Shrapnel
: RWBYQuest/Glynda Goodwitch
: Truth and beauty are wonderful words, but shrapnel is shrapnel and at the end of the day I am alone with the things I have done. Drabble of Glynda's small existence in the entity's shadow.
Words: 975

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mayuzero replied to your post: I hate it when I unzip my pillow and f…

…i actually really want this. looks awesome :D also you remind me, i still need those umineko stickers.

so many to drawwww have like 50 chars left lmao

and im changing my sticker style to be less complicated/detailed so the next ones will look more like these


this pillow hype af though it turned out surprisingly pretty. wasnt gonna use the design for anything but i uploaded it for kicks and it looked really great on pillows xD

I hate it when I unzip my pillow and flowers fall out

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one more time, one more time!

ruby’s hands: thx poser

i’d defend it if i could but when’s odette getting rekt

rough pencil tool doe (ms5)