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«It’s CUTE that you think I have a HEART.»

badend royals are a lot less scary this way

I love OzGlyn toooonsss! They are the best dumb nerds being dumb. I actually also noticed your baby for them and she's adorable! I actually created triplets for them myself in writing and made them into a team with a fourth like childhood friend that unfortunately makes them all look like wonderful dumb Wizard of OZ inspired babies ^^'. And I am super sure I will continue to enjoy your lovely blog and yes friends!

Ah that’s not my baby if you’re talking about Orianna, she’s huntress-glynda-goodwitch's but she's hella cute!! She even has a RP blog- qt wheelchair girl yes

Ohhh h h h btw have you read RWBYQuest? A bunch of my art is related to that so hahaha it’ll make more sense if you have

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Hello I was directed to you by a friend of mine and she said you too like I love and ship Ozpin and Goodwitch and I must say after having a look at your blog like OMG YAY Love your work! You have gained a new loyal follower and if you want to be friends maybe with a fellow OzGlyn shipper that would be nice too cause ya funs ^^.

Ayyyyyyyy OzGlyn is my favorite at the moment, dumn nerds bein dumb <3 there’s not enough of it around///

Thanks!! >w< I hope you will continue to enjoy bloge-

yea all the friends! <3

scream & cry but none will hear you
plead & beg but none will help you
you no longer live as cattle
will you rise and join the battle?