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boops husbando in the forehead eye

»Eliminate BRK and retrieve right Ember Celica
»Use Ruby’s engineering skill to construct robot hand for 3D

It’s fmorgana's birthday!! omg omg omg

So, keeping with our slightly weird traidtion, I drew some porn-

Hope you like it buddy 8) ye man yeeeee look at this while I make the arrangements to send you to the retirement home

«It’s CUTE that you think I have a HEART.»

badend royals are a lot less scary this way

I love OzGlyn toooonsss! They are the best dumb nerds being dumb. I actually also noticed your baby for them and she's adorable! I actually created triplets for them myself in writing and made them into a team with a fourth like childhood friend that unfortunately makes them all look like wonderful dumb Wizard of OZ inspired babies ^^'. And I am super sure I will continue to enjoy your lovely blog and yes friends!

Ah that’s not my baby if you’re talking about Orianna, she’s huntress-glynda-goodwitch's but she's hella cute!! She even has a RP blog- qt wheelchair girl yes

Ohhh h h h btw have you read RWBYQuest? A bunch of my art is related to that so hahaha it’ll make more sense if you have

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Hello I was directed to you by a friend of mine and she said you too like I love and ship Ozpin and Goodwitch and I must say after having a look at your blog like OMG YAY Love your work! You have gained a new loyal follower and if you want to be friends maybe with a fellow OzGlyn shipper that would be nice too cause ya funs ^^.

Ayyyyyyyy OzGlyn is my favorite at the moment, dumn nerds bein dumb <3 there’s not enough of it around///

Thanks!! >w< I hope you will continue to enjoy bloge-

yea all the friends! <3